Lie Of The Year

They said that if you like your existing insurance plan you could stay in it. Yeah right, I don’t mean to harp on this but then again maybe I should because if you don’t complain sometimes your voice will never be heard. Affordable healthcare is not the answer, but universal healthcare is but for that to happen a lot of very rich individuals would have to give up a lot of cash and that will never happen. Obama has been in the office for six years with two more years ahead of him and even though I voted for him twice I really don’t see any progress from his two terms and Bush’s two terms. This may piss a lot of people off but I can only go by what I am seeing and as a citizen of this country of ours I have the right to freedom of speech. As adults we should be able to agree to disagree everything is not all gravy under this current administration. Minimal wage still sucks, the price on food seems to keep rising at the grocery story and although I am only 34 years old I have never seen a President or First Lady this caught up with mainstream and pop culture popularity. I guess we can call them the pop culture administration. The White House has more concerns for pop culture, mainstream, Syria and The Ukraine than they do for what is going on or not going on in there own dang yard. America is by no means perfect but the arrogance of this administration and the ones before this have been so blind that they can’t even recognize just how messed up things really are.


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