Triple Standards

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is screwing up the entire league in my personal opinion. He wants to hold the players to such a high standard of morals and conduct on and off the field, unless of course if you are Caucasian. I am not by no means racist in fact it makes me sick to even hear about it that bull crap past or present especially in the 21st century. If we are going to talk about it we have to talk about it all. DeSean Jackson an African American player in the NFL was let go by the Philadelphia Eagles for so called gang affiliations, last year Riley Cooper a Caucasian football player in the same NFL openly used the “N” word and was allowed to stay with the Philadelphia Eagles. Last month Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Ursay was caught with drugs and nothing happened. What about these stories don’t sound right? D. Jack has not been proving guilty of any thing but the other two gentleman have been caught red handed.#Rasicminsports


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