Here we go again

Coach K, Coach Izzo, Coach Cal and Coach Kevin Olie are rumored in a deal that will have one ore more of these guys taking a head coaching job in the NBA. The key word is RUMORS. I love Sports Center more than anybody I know. It’s seems to me that it seems to be Sports Center is becoming more and more like a gossip column instead of sports news and highlight show.SC used to be all about sports, all day/everyday . But know they are less about sports and more about main stream and pop culture. They reported the other day that they will be launching a new reality show that follows NFL QB
hopeful AJ McCaron and his fiancé Miss Alabama as they prepare for their wedding day in July. AJ is a quarter back, we should be more interested in his football preparation. Not his personal or private affairs. I said it before reality shows are taking over my television. Even my sports channels are being over by this reality show garbage. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey and various sports is what ESPN used to be all about and should still be about. I don’t like realty shows of any kind on any channel. Especially not on the sports channel. If the sports channels must do a reality show please make it about sports or not at all. I mean why a NFL prospect during a reality show in the first place?


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