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It is 2014, yet racism thrives today as strong as it ever has been throughout history. Don’t believe it? Just watch our beloved history making 44th president address a room full of his “peers” members of congress. The sheer and blatant disrespect couldn’t be more menacing. The only thing the GOP delegates are missing @ times are white sheets & hoods, their few African-American counterparts, servant garb adorned by the “house of niggers” of old. Never in history has the leader of this great nation been as disrespected and despised… No matter how slimed the scandal or how deceptive the politics. Lincoln initially “freed” the slave… As much as they despised him, they still put him on the penny. After one of the confederate’s sons used a bullet as a melon ballet on his brain. Hey at least we’ve been blessed enough not to see the headstone inscribed: ” Here lies Barack Hussein Obama”, Amen! But it looks could kill, Obama would’ve been mummy dust. The African-American in America is as expendable as that aforementioned penny instead of an air of acceptance & respect , we still only receive tolerance & inequality. Here are the #’s , because as Jay-Z once said “Women lie, men lie numbers don’t…”. There are about 800,000 children younger than 18 reported missing each year according to the NCMEC, 150,000 of them are African-Americans . That’s like 34%. Now when is the last time you remember seeing beautiful young little black face sprawled all over the news in a nation wide rescue effort, such as “blah blah” Anthony or So~n~So Ramsey. Our babies might get a few minutes in, if that poorly after days of being missing due to procedure or protocol. An FBI brief started : in 76% of child abduction murders, the victim was killed within 3 hours of the reported abduction, in 89% the victim was killed win tin 24 hours. Another obstacle. Initial police repress, experts reveal children of color are more often classified as runaways, so Amber alerts aren’t issued in those instances. Or take Wilcox county High school who up until April 27, 2013. ( thanks to Mareshia Rucker ) held segregated . What about the Kendrick “kj” Johnson’s, Jordan Davis, Tiffany Hobb’s ( a African American female who was tazered while pregnant in Chicago ), Ayana Stanley-Jones (7 7yr old killed in a botched home raid by Officer Joseph Weekley in Detroit), Oscar grant III, Trayvon Martin, and the many many more. Injustice, inequality , & racism runs as rampant today as it ever did. So when is enough, enough?

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