Too Little Too Late

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is basically blowing smoke in everyone face. This man was content with doing nothing about the Ray Rice situation. When enough people made enough noise about how Goodell choose to deal with domestic violence involving players within the NFL. Goodell then chose to drop the hammer one the guys. Roger Goodell is known for being a hard nose, no none sense commissioner when it comes to upholding the NFL shield. When it came to this last incident he tried to hide behind the shield and do nothing. The commissioner is now under investigation for his handling of the Ray Rice situation. My personal opinion, the entire league office should be jobless. Roger Goodell is known for over punishing players for lesser offenses than this. So why did he sleep on this problem for seven months?

The Anniversary

We are 13 years removed from 9/11 and it still hurts as if it were yesterday, thank GOD it wasn’t yesterday. A lot of bull crap had taken place within this country, such as 9/11, Columbine High, Sandy Hook, Pearl Harbor, and the Boston Marathon Bombing. There are so many more horrific and tragic events that has happen right here on American soil the Oklahoma City Bombing, Travon Martin and Mike Brown com to mind hell it’s so many that I can’t list them all. The bottom line is we need to pray for our country we need to pray for the whole world.

Police Everything

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claims that he did not see the tape of Ray Rice beating his then girlfriend now wife on the elevator back in February the authorities say that they gave Goodell the tape of the footage back in April. Clearly some one is lying and I think it’s Goodell. Ray Rice is an ass that has been established already but what does that make Roger Goodell for attempting to over look this ugly situation ” an ass”. In my personal opinion he I’d the worst NFL commissioner of my era and I’m 34. There is no place in the world for domestic violence no one should be subjected to that and no one should be allowed to get away with it no matter who they are. Now NBA player Paul George has inserted foot in mouth about speaking out in favor of Ray Rice, now is not the time or place for an half ass opinions from people like Paul George. If you feel a certain way just keep that shit to your own damn self or better yet get you some help.

Ray Rice

The Baltimore Ravens and the NFL dealt with Running Back Ray Rice in the correct manner. The only question is what took them so long? Ray Rice should have been dropped and suspended from the league soon as this crap happened. There is know place in the world for this type of behavior, that goes to show you that every mic is a hot mic and every eye is always watching even if it is a camera.

Jaclyn Betham

Jaclyn Betham is HollyWoods new big thing, let’s face it this women is awesome. Jaclyn Betham is a triple threat mega superstar she can act, dance, and she use to be a model to me that is a recipe for excellence. The beautiful Betham makes Hollywood come back to life in my opinion. JB is an accomplished ballerina when she dances it’s like a work of art come to life, poetry in motion if you will. Check her out on you tube and you will see for yourself.

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