Police Everything

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claims that he did not see the tape of Ray Rice beating his then girlfriend now wife on the elevator back in February the authorities say that they gave Goodell the tape of the footage back in April. Clearly some one is lying and I think it’s Goodell. Ray Rice is an ass that has been established already but what does that make Roger Goodell for attempting to over look this ugly situation ” an ass”. In my personal opinion he I’d the worst NFL commissioner of my era and I’m 34. There is no place in the world for domestic violence no one should be subjected to that and no one should be allowed to get away with it no matter who they are. Now NBA player Paul George has inserted foot in mouth about speaking out in favor of Ray Rice, now is not the time or place for an half ass opinions from people like Paul George. If you feel a certain way just keep that shit to your own damn self or better yet get you some help.


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