The two most harmful words in the English language are good job and here is why: it is not enough just to be good because when you are just good that means you are content which means you are lazy always strive for excellence and greatness

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lauren hill is the walking definition of AWESOME.she has touched so many in a positive way,that spells true success in my opinion.FORGET MONEY,TOUCH LIVES.


college basketball megasuperstar lauren hill is a real life hero.this young lady has been given only weeks to live because of a brain tumor,and she is  only a freshman in college.this kid touched my cold heart,her team started their season early  just so she could play,she scored  the first and last basket of the game.what’s bigger than that is she battled through a lot of pain just to play this young lady has heart,she has stolen my heart.i don’t cry but i cried for her.she’s a real hero and an inspiration.she shouldn’t have to go through this shit,she’s a baby,she be enjoying life but this is her life.i thought i had problems,but i don’t,she’s my hero.i pray for her and her family.we need to stop complaining ppl.