actor,black actor idris elba is set to be the next james bond,this is AWESOME.the next question for me is who will be the new bond woman,i have a few suggestions,1.rihanna2.roselyn sanchez3.charlize theron4.jaclyn betham5.WWE’s DIVA lana.interesting list i know but if they’re gonna do this they must think all the way outside the box.break the mold of what is called normal.we as a ppl need more movies like this,change the mind state of our youth in todays mom taught me at an early age to change my stinking thinking,and that’s what i firmly believe in and live by everyday.i think therefore i am not cripple.

It is an old read but still very insightful it will give people more indepth view of my life up to this point look up 4-25-86 welcome to my life by Lawrence Barnett on or Barnesandnobles. Com this is my first of seven books that o have written I am getting ready to work on book number 8