is the art of music really dead,i honestly don’t know,i truly hope that it isn’t but i fear the worse.the music industry may not be completely and totally yet but it’s pretty close to being finished.this idiotic and chaotic,i mean beyonce,jay z,and iggy are not the only artist on earth,music is supposed to be about creativity  and new fresh ideas.iggy is not creative,beyonce keeps saling the same crap to the fans and jay is just old he ain’t made nothing good since reasonable doubt.yhe grammy’s have changed and not for the better trust me on this i’m a real music lover of all genres.when will start acknowledging guys like kendrick lamar and lupe fiasco,or is that to deep for them.all of these music award shows are starting to lose me as a fan,because they are so bias  and we the fan are supposed to be too dumd to notice that they are serving us crap.we the people made these folks  famous so we should command and demand a lot better than what they’re giving us,unless you are happy with mediocrity.beyonce and iggy ain’t doing crap,not really just think about people  don’t let control your mind and your pocket to.lil wayne’s creativity is being  blocked,why would you want block someones artistic talents that’s just dirty and dumb.this shoold be artistry over industry,but it has become industry first.artist should  boycott because they have been robbed,not of money but something more valuable than money they have been robbed of their of the one thing that made them famous,their identity.


rap music/hip hop was born in the south bronx of new york in the late 70’s,it was labeled the black cnn,because of it’s connection to the projects,the streets you know the hood baby.our world of hip hop does not discriminate  we embrace all race  and nationalities however,this thing is goig haywire when iggy beats out jay z,ti,and nicki minaj for the people’s choice hip hop award are you serious.jay and ti are icons of rap and nicki is well on her way to becoming an icon,iggy has 1cd people use your brains people.alright she’s not that good ok,it’s not a black or white thing it’s a good music thing.eminem is caucasian and a damn good rapper i accept him because he knows and understands struggle his own personal struggle,iggy doesn’t know shit.that’s like a caucasian people saying that they understand how slaves felt or how black people fell in this fucked  up society of ours.rap music was ours now they have taken from us,WOW.nas said it best hip hop is dead,the world of music won’t allow us to have pop or rock so why take hip hop away from my people.i’m not racist just frustrated,let my generation have our music please.1.2pac2.jay z3.biggie4.nas5.eminem6.lil wayne7.nicki minaj8.eve9.missy eliot10.queen latifiah11.mia that’s rap.


i know realize  that i’m ALIVE by design not by accident.GOD really does have a plan and a purpose for my life,i just need to get out of the way and let the LORD lead the’s hard sometimes because as humans we think that we’re in charge of our destiny but we have no such power,the only power we humans are the power choice and the power to mess things up beyond belief.anyhting else is out of our hands,BELIEVE THAT.GOD is in complete and total control just trust him he’ll never let you down.i’m a work in progress i’m still learning people,i ain’t got it all yet trust me.