katy perry rocked the Super Bowl for sure,kp is awesome for sure.this was the best SB halftime show this millennium and that’s no lie baby.i am so in love with katy perry,she’s my kind of girl,SERIOUSLY and for real.her music is incredible,she’s a hell of an artist and a goddess queen for real not for play.the number 1 thing that draws me to ms.perry is christian background like mine,there’s just something about a church girl,you know.a mega super star is what she is.she’s has my heart and she doesn’t know it or me,i respect an awesome live show and last night was incredible.katy perry is 1 of the very few celebs i’d like to meet,along with jonelle monae,rihanna,lisa bonet,and gina Rodriguez.however this blog post is about katy perry,she is the real uncut definition of a shinning star,this cali girl is wonderful.i wish they all could be like k.perry.i never had a girlfriend be for but if i had a choice she be like kp.for some odd reason guys like me get no chance with girls like her,but a man can dream right.to me on a personal level katy perry is way hotter and way bigger than beyonce.she’s my kind of girl,ENCORE.


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