the GOP is an absolute joke and freak show. I’m no politician, infact i have a love hate relationship with politics, and politicians. I love to loathe them both. This is America, the good ole USA, the United States, RIGHT? So why are we all behaving like idiots and assholes? The priority must be restoring our country from the ground up, but instead these pompous jerk candidates get on CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, etc. And promote themselves not our country. The fucked up educational system, the ruined economy and job market, starving families, Americas crumbling info structures,etc. Should be top billing but the candidates are so dang busy kissing their own ass they forgot about the rest of us. This country has become the divided states of embarrassment, i once was proud too be an American, now i’m ashamed. And it’s not just the republicans, the democrats don’t look good either. Obama tricked for almost 8yrs. the president, turned his back on ISRAEL, openly defied the bible with the legalization of gay marriage, abortion, increase in cost of food,this president started a war on transfat but made a deal with IRAN. Donald trump is a joke, carly florin is evil, jeb bush is weak, chris christie has already tanked, mike huckebee is a rascist that hides behind the bible, and the rest of the candidates on both sides don’t give a damn about America at all, they just want the the democrats and GOP really believe that ssi is enough money for a cripple man or woman that can’t work because of a disability like mine? I lost some of my healthcare issuance because of obama care crap, and a person like myself who’s health is compromised we need all the health insurance we can get. i lost my insurance on Dec. 23rd 2014,when i was in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion. America has screwed it’s own.