1.Coach Tony Dungy-Tampa Bay buccaneers & Indianapolis Colts

2.Coach Jimmy  Johnson-Dallas Cowboys & Miami Dolphins

3.Coach Bill Cowher-Pittsburgh Steelers

4.Brett Favre-Atl. Falcons, GB. Packers, NY. Jets, MIN. Vikning

5.Steve McNair, TN. Titans, BAL. Ravens

6.Terrell Owens-SF. 49ers, PHI, Eagles, DAL,. Cowboys, BUF. Bills, CIN, Bengals

7.Randy Moss-MIN. Vikings, OAK. Raiders, NE, Patriots,, TN., Titans, MIN. Vikings

8.John Lynch-Tampa Bay Buccaneers, DEN,. Broncos

9.Ronde Barber-TB. Buccaneers

that’s how the hall needs to look in 2016,anything else is unexceptable.


bernie sanders president#2016,here’s why.America is being destroyed from the inside out or from the top down by the super rich&wealthy, the poor class like myself are being wiped out, and pretty soon the working middle class will be the very poor. Let’s just face it republicans are not what’s best for our country, neither are donald j. Trump or dr. Ben carson, they know nothing about what America needs or wants. Who really wants another bush administration, and people say that jeb is dumber than his brother george, if that’s even possible. we need economic equality, better education for all young people, more effective prison reform/reentry programs, lesser prison sentences for nonviolent crimes, better/more efficient food programs for hungry kids and families, increase ssi for those who really need it, etc. Bernie sanders is our answer, hillary clinton is just a republican with blue on. They say she’s not honest or trust worthy but what politrician is, right? My point is we need a political revolution, right dang now. The physically disabled in this country must be treated as equals.our votes count but do we matter in America? must stand as 1 if we want to fix the USA, all the republicans want to do is divide, dominate and conquer. http:/ these pet ions&share them with family and friends. http:/


i’ve been talking about this for 5yrs. Now, somebody out there in hollywood must get real about doing a wonder woman movie, it has to happen, very soon. I mean think about it, we had a cat woman film, it sucked, in my opinion i love haili but not the movie. there was an electra movie, i love jennifer garner a lot. There’s a hawk girl tv series, i’ve never seen it. My loin is wonder woman deserves attention, here’s why every other comic, cartoon hero has a movie series. Why not wonder woman? She was a super friend, right? Here’a short list of ladies who could play the role linda carter made super hot and popular on television in the 60’s/70’s, i’,m not sure of her years in that role. 1.jaclyn betham, 2.Sofia vergara,3.Roselyn sanchez, 4.eva mendes, 5.mila kunis, 6.eva longoria, 7.eve torres, 8.j lo, 9.ashley graham, 10.sarah fechter. I’m more partial to 1,2,9,3,and 5,if hollywood is interested. The wonder woman character was very relevant, i believe, although my brother thinks otherwise. Jaclyn betham can set hollywood on fire if given the opportunity, there’s no dout in my mind. In fact mr. Stan lee should develop a x-men character just for jaclyn betham,somebody tell him that larry barnett jr. Said that. There are so many other super hero/hero movies that gotta be made. 1.the flash, panther, man, 4.storm from x-men, 5.cyclopes from x-men, 6.x-men must make a villian movie about mr. Sinister, 7. mutant x. etc. Jaclyn betham#wonderwoman

LATINA HEAT! Hottest women ever!!!

1.sofia vergara

2.roselyn sanchez

3.eva mendes


5.mila kunis

6.eva longoria

7.jennifer lopez

8.ashley graham

9.salma hayek

10.selena gomez

11.penelope cruz

12.gloria estefan

13.lynda carter

14.eve torres gracie

15.constance marie lopez

16.masiela lusha

Will On Wheelz

the physically disabled are often times overlooked in America, this is one trend that end sooner rather than later. Disabled individuals like myself do count in our country no matter what the government thinks. My goal, my mission is to rewrite the book on how society views the physically disabled, please stand with us. I say us because i’m not alone in this fight./struggle. Please sign this petition&share with the world,it never ends I won’t quit until thing s get better4us.