i’ve been talking about this for 5yrs. Now, somebody out there in hollywood must get real about doing a wonder woman movie, it has to happen, very soon. I mean think about it, we had a cat woman film, it sucked, in my opinion i love haili but not the movie. there was an electra movie, i love jennifer garner a lot. There’s a hawk girl tv series, i’ve never seen it. My loin is wonder woman deserves attention, here’s why every other comic, cartoon hero has a movie series. Why not wonder woman? She was a super friend, right? Here’a short list of ladies who could play the role linda carter made super hot and popular on television in the 60’s/70’s, i’,m not sure of her years in that role. 1.jaclyn betham, 2.Sofia vergara,3.Roselyn sanchez, 4.eva mendes, 5.mila kunis, 6.eva longoria, 7.eve torres, 8.j lo, 9.ashley graham, 10.sarah fechter. I’m more partial to 1,2,9,3,and 5,if hollywood is interested. The wonder woman character was very relevant, i believe, although my brother thinks otherwise. Jaclyn betham can set hollywood on fire if given the opportunity, there’s no dout in my mind. In fact mr. Stan lee should develop a x-men character just for jaclyn betham,somebody tell him that larry barnett jr. Said that. There are so many other super hero/hero movies that gotta be made. 1.the flash, 2.black panther, 3.ice man, 4.storm from x-men, 5.cyclopes from x-men, 6.x-men must make a villian movie about mr. Sinister, 7. mutant x. etc. Jaclyn betham#wonderwoman


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