the oscars, grammy’s, golden globes, critics choice, people’s choice, SAG’s, AMA’s, VMA’s, billboards, primetime emmy’s, all award shows must start too acknowledge black and other minority actors and artist, NOW. To many black actors receive awards for garbage roles that degrade my people, for example. The help, the butler, driving miss daisy, 12yrs. A slave, the green mile, etc. Why can’t it be a level playing field for these dang awards. When we watch the grammy’s they only honor beyonce and jay z, they are not the only black artist. When was the last time a black man or woman got an award for a movie in which we didn’t serve white folk? Monsters ball, was an insult to haili.Denzel should’ve won for movies like malcom x, glory, hurricane, remember the titans, equalizer, inside man, etc. Idk pick 1.these award committees have to diversify there panels, not just cosmetic diversity but real diversity with real substance. Even shows like the voice, american idol, x factor, america’s got talent are not fair too us minorities. This is the21st. Century, but is it really. Beyond the awards and all that racist crap. What about feeding hungry children&families? What about the lack of a real good education because schools in the hood keep closing? College is not affordable,why? Awful insurance plans, etc. The country has forgotten the people. And clowns like stacey dash, donald trump, sarah palin, ted cruz, ben carson. Etc. Keep making things worse for people like me. Bill and hilary clinton ain’t squeaky clean neither. Just remember mass incarceration, yeah bill got that started in the90’s.


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