racism is an ideal, an ideal is a belief that a person has from the time they are old enough to understand, until the day they die. Hatred/racism is a learned behavior taught through an ideology a belief that black and other minorities are less than s–t. White teach this garbage to their children from an early age, so when they up they turn into nigga loathing killing machines, just the white boy in charleston sc. Last summer. The internet, pop culture, the news, social media plays a major role in fueling the hate machine known racism, or in the case of stacey dash and raven symone self hatred. I know that a lot of my ppl out there won’t even pay attention to my post. Why? Because i mentioned2washed up has been celebs that keep saying ignorant bull crap. Believe it or not it was the clinton administration that started this mass incarceration of young black and mexican men, daddy bush created the fictitious willie horton character of the late’80’s earl’y90’s to strike fear into the hearts of white racist america, reagan started a bogus war on drugs in ’82.It’s sad that ppl die but racism never does. Sbyder is trying to destroy us, trump, is a racist joke, palin keeps resurfacing with her garbage, cruz, rubio, christie, florina, carsn and the rest just want that dang title of potus. White ppl use black ppl to go after other black that’s the bottom-line. Case and point, clarence thomas, armstrong williams, allen keyes, stacey dash, raven symone, bill cosby, etc. Please pay attention to what is going on.


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