embrace your stigma, stereotype, your criticisms, etc. Let me show you what i mean, using my life/myself for an example. i was born on 2/16/80,i was a normal/regular, average person just like everybody else, but then something happened to me. 4/25/86,the day i almost DIED, WOW. The day i went from normal to abnormal, in a matter of seconds, not hours, seconds. I was in a coma for about4or5days, broken spinal cord, blood in my spinal column, a bruised heart. I was broken but not broken down. God left hear, let me live for a reason, i’m hear by design not by accident or happenstance. When person is cripple they are an automatic outcast, a social undercast, if you will. No body likes you or wants to be around you for too long if at all. not even family members, believe it or not. I wonder why? Being disabled doesn’t define lbj,i do. I’m use to being overlooked, ignored, and rejected it’s ok. It only makes me stronger, thank you. I’m cripple, i have a physical disability i’m not contagious. You guys think being black in america is hard, trying being cripple along with that. Ever since ger moved away, and jay went away things just ain’t been right for me. Being cripple is now my greatest strengthen,my liberation not limitation, my freedom/escape, from normal life drama and turmoil. So i maybe opposite from all of you, but i guess everything i’m not makes me everything i am. The day i almost died is the day my life really began, WOW. Just know this i’m not done yet, i’ll keep climbing until ppl understand that every cripple is not the same. My mission is simple, to rewrite the book on how society views the physically disabled. ‪#‎SOLO‬


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