they don’t care about us

i’m not a man who is known for stirring the pot very often, although i have been known to in my day, so please don’t be angry with my next post, i gave it a lot of thought, i’m still not sure about it but here we go. Over the past few days, weeks, and even months there has been lots of conversation,debates, discussion, and talks of boycotts over the lack of diversity in hollywood movie parts, and i completely and totally agree with the commitment to fight for big screen and tv diversity, no more cosmetic diversity crap. The peoples choice awards,the critics choice awards, the sag awards, the grammy’s, the oscars suck at acknowledging us, they always have, always will ever since award shows began. So will this boycott change anything at all? They don’t won’t us around them. So why should we want to be? we as a people must stop trying to live our lives up to white folks so called high standards. Who says they got right anyway? I’m with jada pinket smith, forget there stuff, let’s start our own. I’m not just talking about the bet stuff neither. The black academy’s, the black globes, black ppl’s choice,the ebony primetime awards, let the bet awards be strictly for the art of music. Oprah, mj, lebron, dr. Dre. Jay z, beyonce, russel simons, diddy, spike, john singleton, will smith, denzel, lawrence fishbone,tyler perry, etc. Can pull together their resources and this happen. But would we get the support like the caucasian shows. We fight for a cause, but we have nomore distance fighters for real causes. We nee to boycott the roles that hollywood offers our folks, not just the award shows.we invite them to our stuff, but they leave us out of theres, always. Why do we have to be butlers, maids, hustlers, etc. a black president but we still can’t diversify entertainment.