Steroids & Baseball (the new normal)

So the latest from the world of baseball is that up to 25 players could be suspended for using PED’s so what else is new I don’t condone the use of any drug that will help enhance performance in the professional sports arena but this thing has really getting out if hand especially in baseball the baseball big wigs along with these crazy die hard baseball fans and sports writers act like the cardinal sin has just been committed when a guy uses steroids. There are far worse things in the world that an athlete can do then using PED’s or Steroids such as: MURDER let us not forget Aaron Hernandez. Baseball is not a sacred holy ground for all things sports I know I just ruffled a lot of feathers with that last statement but the truth is the truth how do you ban someone for life for making a mistake ever product on the market these days has Steroids in them so what’s next you don’t want guys to lift weights to make themselves physically fit neither? Again I do not think any drug use of any kind should be allowed but in the case of athletes does the punishment really fit the crime or is this much to do about nothing? This is almost like a modern day Salem witch hunt, pretty soon there would be know more recognizable faces or names in professional baseball because everyone is going to be suspended for so called cheating the game. I just don’t understand how taking HGH, PED’s or Steroids is considered cheating I mean none of these things can give you the skillset or talent to play any sport that ability comes from GOD it’s not man made. What I’m saying is I Larry Barnett Jr. can take Steroids for the next 5years and still won’t be able to hit 80 home runs Steroids do not make an athlete when a person isn’t a athlete. Like i said before the baseball hall of fame is about to be very empty in the years to come welcome to the Steroid generation. Because you will be hard pressed to find any athlete that hasn’t used something with Steroids in it my question is will we get to the point when the use of these drugs just doesn’t matter anymore. The reason why I say this is because we live in a new society. Where wrong is right and right is wrong so why not except everything that comes down the line even in sports.