The reason why I became a blogger is because I just didn’t fit in anywhere else, I just didn’t click with most individuals that I have been knowing damn near all my life, I tried many avenues that I thought would get people to look at me at just a normal guy and it took me many failed attempts and many foolish mistakes later to realize that I will never ever be like anyone else, I guess you can say I’m kinda abnormal or very abnormal depending on who you talk to but that’s okay god loves me right? I don’t really know what all the fuss is about deep down I am a regular guy I mean sure I take a lot of heat for things that I say I’m kind of guilty for not having a filter on things that I comment on but that’s just a part if who I am if you don’t like it forget you. I guess what I’m trying to say I embrace my stereo types negative or positive I want the same things as any other red blooded American man I want to be successful, I want to have a beautiful wife, I want children and a beautiful home to live in, but the difference between me and most guys I won’t sell my soul just to be happy, I want kiss ass just to make everybody else happy money is wonderful to have but it is not the end all be all to life some people or most people measure success by how much money they can obtain, I feel like success is measures by how many lies you can positively affect before you leave the earth. I am not impressed with titles, position or status. I’m more impressed with an persons ability to keep it real with them selves and people around them. I get judged for liking things like the oscars red carpet or the Oscars show or I get judged for liking music groups like Aerosmith, Bon Jovi or Christina Aguilera, so what I just like good shit I don’t apologize for it because its a part of my make up and DNA. You can’t get mad at me because I absolutely positively despised every piece of crap show that comes on B.E.T. Check this one out I have friends that make jokes directly towards me because my first love as a teenager and even now is a blonde hair, blue eyed young lady named Sarah Glasco, she has always been the love of my life no matter how far apart we may be. I am 33 years old I have come too far in my life to allow the opinions of others to dictate what I do. So what I’m saying to you my fellow bloggers, this is our platform so lets own it. Go crazy 🙂 please don’t reject me embrace me and get to know me.