FickleD. Howard

If I were NBA GM, I would not want Dwight Howard to be a part of my team. The man is clearly not capable of making a sound adult decision about anything. So he chose to spend the next four years of his career with the Houston Rockets. But how do they know he won’t get bored before the season even gets started. Just remember how he played The Magic. At first he was dedicated to the team and then his heart was with The Nets. Mr Howard then complained until he got traded to The Lakers. When he got there he acted like it was the worst experience of his life. So now he got the chance to pick his own team and he still didn’t get it right. He should have picked The Warriors(Dwight). Personally, I think this guy is damaged goods health wise.
The first six years of his careers were incredible. The last 3 years shameful. The rockets are in no position to win a title yet.
News Flash The Heat are just getting started. But just like LeBron the only way for Dwight to shut down the critics is to win.