Should the NFL Police Players

After this Hernandez situation the new question is should the NFL or should teams do a better job of watching their players after work hours are over? From me the answer is I don’t know because these are suppose to be full grow man and as a grown man you should be able to conduct yourself in an orderly manner and if you can’t then yes your ass needs to be watched like a baby who is just experiencing their first day of school, this Aaron Hernandez investigation has the whole world watching athletes with a very judge mental eye, all athletes aren’t bad people but for some reason the majority of them think that they are above the law just because they play professional sports, no one is above the law and no one can escape prison not for long any way. All levels of sports need to put in a better screening method to evaluate athletes more closely than they have in the past. Don’t let this situation allow you to past judgement on all professional athletes, but at the same time, don’t let these guys continue to be roll models for our children.