Comish Roger Goodell

The NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is on the hot seat for real this time! After the racial slurs used by Eagles WR Riley Cooper, Roger Goodell stated that because Cooper had been disciplined by Eagles organization for using the N word the NFL front office would not be handing down any further punishment. Goodell since becoming NFL commissioner has been walking around like the big boss man of all commissioners dealing with topics such as endzone celebrations, bounty scandals, illegal hits and steroids he has handed out ridiculous fines and suspensions to players for violating the league substance abuse policy and conduct detrimental to the NFL. But now because a young Caucasian male uses the word ‘Nigger’ Mr. Goodell doesn’t want to get involved. REALLY? This seems like the perfect place for him to get involved the whole bounty scandal investigation was absolutely ridiculous but this N word situation needs to be addressed on every single level. Because let’s face it over 90% of the NFL is made up of Black players and the bottom line is if they feel disrespected and are dealt with like they are less then human Goodell is going to have big problems. I am not saying that he should destroy Riley Cooper football career, know one deserved that unless you murder somebody but what I am saying is that Coopers punishment should be a lot more stiffer than a fine and being excused from team activities. Roger Goodell needs to man up on this issue cause if he doesn’t all of his complaining about minor league problems means nothing.