Bruno Mars at the Superbowl

So the entertainment for Superbowl 48 half time show will be Bruno Mars. I’m not really sure how I feel about that quiet yet I just know that I have not enjoyed a Superbowl half time since like the 90s when Michael Jackson hit the stage, whatever year that was. Bruno is having a pretty good run he performed at the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show he seems like a permanent fixture to perform at the Grammys and now Superbowl 48. That’s pretty dang good. Bruno as a artist over all the guy is pretty good I just don’t know what he will bring to the Superbowl. Special guest should be Janell Monae and BOB these three artist have history of performing together. We have 5 months to wait to the big game so lets hope this guy will be prepared.


Beyonce, Adam L., Janet and Justin. These celebrities have all been hit by the FCC for distasteful stage performances, so why not Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke? The FCC is suppose to regulate live performances as well as the airing of some television shows to make sure that everything is appropriate for the viewing audience to watch especially small children. Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake got in some trouble for the events that occurred at the half time show of Superbowl 38 and Beyonce caught some heat for her Superbowl 47 performance, oh by the way I though her show was hot. There is some level if explaining that must be done either by MTV, Miley Cyrus or Robin Thicke about just what were they thinking at the VMA. It is true that we live in a society where young people know a lot of stuff but if you are going to police one or two celebrities you might as well get them all.


Academy Awards & Rap Music

The academy awards are known as the Super Bowl of movie award season it is looked at as the classiest event of all the award shows. For many years during the 80’s and 90’s Hollywoods upper crust did not mix with hip hop or rap artist, some how they thought that rappers were beneath them in fact the only music that was acceptable by the oscars was big band music scorers more on a classical type genre. we now live in a different era Hollywood has embraced the hip hop world and the hip hop world has finally been accepted in Hollywood so the question is, does hip hop /rap belong at the oscars? In one of my earlier post I made the statement that rap music did not belong at the oscars but up on further examinations I was wrong, now the question is which of the hip hop artist deserves to be at the Oscars? I view the oscars the same way I view the Grammys only the best of the best should be allowed on these stages. In other words no half stepping at these shows. Yes rap music should be allowed at the academy’s but at its proper place, what is that place? We now live and what I call a hip hop society it is accepted by blacks, Caucasians, Latinos and all ethnic groups of people and if you watch any movie this day and time you will here hip hop songs played in various parts of the film. Which hip hop artist do I think is capable of composing a music score? The list is very short, there are only about ten or so artist that I believe that can handle this task.

1. Common
2. Mos def
3. Nas
4. Kayne West
5. Kendrick Lamar
6. Tupac R.I.P.
7. Jay Z
8. Dr. Dre
9. 50 cent
10. Talib kweli

Please understand that this list is debatable but still these are the artis that I believe have the ability to do a big market film justice on the big screen. I absolutely dig every single thing about award season, I love it from the red carpet, to the show it self, even the fashion rap shows after everything is over, so I pay attention to details so if rappers get involved in this which I think they should, they better bring it like they never brought it before. Will it ever happen though?


Reality Shows have injected our television sets with mindless and senseless idiotic Poison. It is impossible to find anything worth watching on prime time television because of reality shows. What ever happen to good family television shows that individuals used to rush home to watch with the family I understand that when times change we must also change in order to keep up with society or with the joneses but when did we trade in our good sense of quality and taste for the bull crap that has flooded our televisions sets you don’t ever get rid of quality. Now a days anybody could be a celebrity, all you need is a camera phone and YouTube and then you have a hit, you may not realize it right now but that’s very sad. Everything on television these days seems to have that under toned reality show concepts that bastardize ent.


The Voice vs American Idol! The Voice wins hands down no competition. The talent that you see on The Voice completely destroys anything that you have ever seen or ever will see on American Idol because the voice talent is already polished all they need is a little coaching. While on American Idol they are more consumed with the outside packaging of this mediocre talent The Voice is working with real del artist that they allow them to be themselves. Perfect example is the very beautiful and talented woman by the name of Judith Hill one of the baddest voices I have ever heard in my life, this woman is incredible I mean she sang back up for Micheal Jackson for two years so what did you expect. I’ve been watching the voice all four seasons and I have not been disappointed yet. The weakest voice on the voice can crush the best American Idol singer hands down. I love the concept of having coaches instead of judges, the blind auditions are brilliant because they are listening to the voice and not looking at the person. Adam Levine,Blake Shelton,Shakira and Usher have excellent chemistry unlike the four people on Idol, and the credentials of the people on the voice are far greater than anyone on Idol. Carson Daily is a better host than Seacrest what more could you possibly say about a show that speaks for it self?