Just because you have a few black millionaires and billionaires that you can count two hands does not mean that the entire African American community culture or society is doing well these African American Millionaires and Billionaires do not speak for the whole race. It’s more struggling black people then there are Jay Zs, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfreys or Russell Simmions these individual only show there faces when there is a dollar to be made a movie cd or shoe to promote or when something tragic takes place. I don’t know about you but that sounds like an opportunist to me. How about showing interest in the black community before a tragedy takes place show the young people that know matter what success is always an option. Obama became the first Black President that lets me know that we as African American have no limitations but we cannot begin or end with Barack. We have a whole generations to consider celebrities are worst than ambulance chasers they want to show up when the media is involved but when the media goes home they go home. No disrespect to these successful people in fact I commend you on your success I am not looking for any handouts cause as a man I make my own I’m just looking for a hand in improving our society as a whole from the ground up.