Dedication, Determination, Motivation

Negative people inspire me because when they tell me that I can’t do something because of my disability it makes me go after it even more. I am not like most people I’m not afraid to fail because failure and rejection builds character and if anyone says that they have never failed in life that means they have never tried in life. Failure in life does not mean that there is something wrong with you it just means you haven’t found your niche yet. It is not easy to find that groove that you fit perfectly into. Sometimes you may have to create your on niche and make people accept you for who you are if they want to or not. My inspiration is life God gave is life so how can you not be inspired by it. Just think about it everyday that we are blessed to wake up with another opportunity to do better than we did the day before is something to be excited about. Life is beautiful baby, we need to start appreciating it before time is up. Please stop sweating the small stuff.