Invisible After thought, Rejected

Cripple not mental don’t be fooled by the outer exterior. If you guys know someone with a physical disability or any kind of physical challenge or mental challenge please don’t treat them like shit. All to often people who have the full use of there limbs tend to overlook those of us who are disabled, and sometimes the ones that overlook us are in our own circle. A disability is a life changing game changing experience for everyone but just remember that no one suffers more than the actual victim. It absolutely hurt when we feel like people over look us or treat us like some kind of after thought on a to do list of thinks that you don’t want to do in the first damn place. Our lives means something to so please treat us like it, I’m not trying to say that any bodies life should stop for us all I am saying is don’t treat us like we are already dead and gone. I mean just think about it how would you feel if the rose were reversed and you were in our shoes? No one understands how deep this is until it hits them directly like a ton of bricks, and then you see just how easy this life is not when people that you know start to turn and walk away just because they are bored with you now, we just want to feel like we are accepted. Why do you think I blog, tweet and all these other stuff I’m involved with, I just want to be heard.