A few weeks ago I heard a story about an OKC Thunder cheerleader who is a full figured female and for some odd reason this young lady caught a lot of heat because of her weight. WTF? This society is so messed up that they cannot accept a person who is different from everybody else, first of all I saw the young lady and she is absolutely gorgeous. When I think about it most of the women that make up mainstream and pop culture are not what you call toothpick skinny, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Paula Patton, Rihanna and many more are realistic size women and all of them are damn beautiful hot as hell if you will. In my personal opinion Khloe Kardashian is the most beautiful female in entertainment, don’t get caught up in the cookie cutter image that we see on our televisions. In edition to the previously mention ladies my heart would be remorse if I failed to mention Shakira, Sophia Vigara and so many others that if I mention them all I would be typing until the next millineum, so what I’m saying is lets appreciate all of the goddes queens that god has blessed this earth with no matter the color shape or size. Way too many beautiful gorgeous young ladies have lost thier lives trying to chase the hollywood mirage of what they think beauty is supposed to look like. in my personel opinion I like a full grown woman that is thick. Much love and respect and all prayers go out to Angelina Jolie for making that tough decision she chose life and family over Hollywoods arrogance and vanity truly a real woman.