Happiness Is

What is happiness? So many of us are willing to spend everything that we have chasing happiness. We will go to any extremes to accomplish our own ideas of what happiness is, but no matter how muck we spend or how much stuff we accumulate we never ever reach that ultimate goal of being happy. I mean we can buy all of the clothes, jewelry, shoes,cars and electronics but we still some how always feel empty why? I mean if money can’t buy happiness what can? Happiness can not be obtained without joy and joy cannot be obtained with Jesus and with out Jesus we will never ever discover that peaceful place of rest because we can not get it on our own. Pastor A.R. Bernard teaches that even the richest people on this earth has at least on area in their lives were they are lacking that one thing that will make them feel like they have nothing else to accomplish, what they don’t realize is that one thing missing is Jesus himself. So simply put if you find Jesus you find happiness,joy,peace and rest.