Powder Keg – Playin with Fyre

Syria and the Middle East is a Powder Keg and if the USA does not be careful it can and will blow up in our faces this is a biblical battle that goes back to Isaac and his brother Ishmail and if you don’t understand it don’t mess around with it. My country America has a bad habit of sometimes playing bulky to the world and these country are going to start pushing back that is my biggest fear it happens on 9/11 and it happened at Pearl Harbor and it also happened with the Boston bombing I just don’t want to see any more innocent people hurt because of someone else’s massive eagle. Haven’t we lost enough lives over this stuff I’m not going to say give piece a chance because as long as its a world it will never be peaceful it’s not suppose to be because when it does get peaceful that’s when we should really get concerned. Because that will be only the calm before the real storm before all hell really breaks loose, so I am not making a cry or plea for peace I just feel that America should pay more attention to what’s going on in our own back yard instead of trying to clean someone else’s. When Republicans start agreeing with President Obama things just got strange. There are know winners in war only losers and just face it I don’t think these folks are afraid of America anymore. My 100% support is with America and Israel for life. The Jewish people are Gods chosen people that covenant will not and cannot be broken they will be protected no matter what.