Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. So Major League Baseball has launched this extreme investigation to catch players who have used performance enhancing drugs. And they have caught there first so called criminal Ryan Braun. This guy was the ’07 rookie of the year and the 2011 MLB MVP he denied using any band substance Braun even fought his suspension last season and won but now since he has been caught lying he is now serving a suspension that will keep him out for the remainder of this season. A Rod is next on the target list and who knows who would follow after him. I am a baseball fan but I am not a crazy enough fan to think that every guy who takes steroids or HBH should be sent to Hell for doing so. The baseball big wigs and ESPN analyst act like these men should be crucified up side down and set on fire just over Steroids. Taking these drugs are very wrong and I admit that but it is not a cardinal sin, it is not even one of the seven deadliest sin. There are far worst things than taking drugs murder is one of them Aaron Hernandez comes to mind I bet that he would give anything to trade places with one of the steroids user and just remember when u point one finger you have three more pointing back at you. That is a message to all of the self righteous guys around baseball that say that they will never do such a thing. Pretty soon after all of the suspension we are gonna go to the the ball park and hear names like Pedro Watson instead of Alex Rodriguez after the suspension gets finished depleting the game of all its stars. Cheating should never be allowed but let’s not start another Salem witch hunt.