Oprah Winfrey has the biggest personality disorder of any one who has ever been a television personality and she doesn’t even realize it. Please don’t misunderstand what I am saying because I truly do respect her hustle that she has maintained for over 25 years but the woman is full of it she acts like when she gets a revelation on a certain topic such as relationship it is then ok for the rest of the world to follow her lead FYI her relationship ain’t SHIT. When she would do those Oprah’s favorite things show was a complete waste of viewers time, because why the hell should anybody care about her favorite things and then she went and made a joke of herself by launching her own network that nobody watches because of all the shows are garbage. Oprah Winfrey made the worst business decision ever by moving everything from Chicago out to the West Coast because then she had to lay off over 50 workers because she was loosing money. I was personally rejected by Ms. Winfrey in the late 80s because when she approached by a family friend about doing a story with me about my accident and how I had a rare case because of the times in which we live in the mid to late 80s her response was” her show did not cover human interest stories”so if I sound just a little bitter it because I am. But that does not mean I am not telling the truth about the bullshit that this woman has crammed down people’s throat for many years. She is very successful I give her that and I commend her on it but let’s not put her on a higher pedestal than what she deserves the queen of tv yes but the queen of everything I seriously doubt it.