The Invisible Society

The United States of embarrassment Does not care about people or physically disabled or physically challenged. The Americans with disabilities at is nothing more than a bogus smoke screen to make people like myself think that we are on a level playing field with the rest of the so called normal people. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama have never directly address individuals with physical challenges and this is after five years in office they have addressed gay and lesbian issues they have supported Beyonce and Jay Z illegally going to Cuba and they have spent countless hours trying to improve their own Stock with Main Stream and pop Culture but they have never spent much time dealing with people with special needs I am one of those people who has special needs, let me get this straight we where good enough for our votes but not good enough to fit in regular society. WOW!!! I will like to have the opportunity to have a regular job and for once in my life be looked at as a normal man not just a man in a wheel chair. The government has not cared about the physically disabled since the death of Christopher Reeve, can someone please tell me the last time a crippled man or woman has appeared before congress over on capital hill they haven’t because the folks over there don’t care about us. We have needs too and we don’t go away so address us face to face or we will just keep on complaining until someone actually pays attention, for real this time.