My dad once told me that love was just a misunderstanding between two fools, but the other I got I learned that it wasn’t a misunderstanding between two fools just one fool that made the mistake of thinking that the other person actually gave a shit about them. When in actuality the second party doesn’t care if you live or die. I’m single by force and circumstance not by choice. It’s not like I never tried it just never worked out why it never worked out I really don’t know maybe its the disability or maybe it’s not maybe its the other person maybe I just haven’t connected with the proper individual for my situation because I have a very complex situation. And what you expect I don’t want anybody because I’m in a wheelchair. I am guilty of grading very high on the curve in other words maybe I’m a little picky I mean who shouldn’t be when your talking about getting involved in a relationship because if things go bad things can get real ugly real fast besides that is happiness to much to ask for. I do not question if love is real anymore because I know that it is when a person is in love it will make you do, say and think some things that you didn’t even know you we’re capable of but it happen to me even though I never said it would a total of three times in fact. But like Aerosmith said its a very thin line between pleasure and pain and sometimes what we misconstrue as love could be our own heart and mind playing tricks on us which can sometimes lead to a self inflicted broken heart. I am also guilty of basing everything on looks the way a female looks is very important to me but that can’t be the end all be all of why you choose to be with a person I mean just look at Sampson and Delilah looks and stupidity got him caught up when choosing who you want to be with it should start with character and the rest should build on from there. Please don’t hook up with someone that will suck the life out of you and move on to somebody else that leads to the problem of wanting to get revenge on a person and trust me that shit never plays out the way you hope because then everyone will label you the crazy one. Two of the greatest relationship books have to be He just not that into you and Think like a man and act like a lady why do I say that we’ll because it shows women not how to get their hurts broken by some jerk who doesn’t care any way although broken hearts happen to everyone it is more publicized and commercialized and it is way more marketable when it happens to ladies. In our society women seem to always cater to men it almost like the ladies don’t realize that they are the valuable one they don’t realize just how much they are truly worth and guys take advantage of that and it probably shouldn’t be that way but that just the way it is. The reason why I am writing this blog is because I had to see people get crapped on this is not for any personal gain or self promotion just to help right some wrongs. So get mad if you want but get mad at your self not me because a true change starts within.