Very Dangerous Influence

All hell is about to break loose. The union leaders are trying to kill Jesus. But it’s not going to happen because you can’t possibly kill someone who is everlasting. This society is falling into the toxic waste land that is main stream and pop culture. Even the churches have drank the poison Kool-aid made by our new society. We now have churches within this country that are trying to remove the Holy Cross from their buildings. One my blogs I have talked about secret societies and the illuminati but this thing that we are setting up for is much bigger than all of that combined. The war of Armageddon will be the final event that ends everything. When I say everything, I mean absolutely everything. Time is certainly ticking away at a rapid pace. Although no man knows the day or the hour when our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will return. Just know that it is very soon, I promise that you won’t miss it. This country was founded on a core set of Christian principles, values and beliefs.
As time evolved so did human arrogance and apparently ignorance as well. We went from a society completely and totally dependent on God. And now we have fools in this world questioning God existence. How do you question the one who created you? How do you think you got here? I mean you didn’t create your self. The church is to busy trying to follow mainstream and pop culture and when it should be the other way around. Pop culture says that anything goes and everything is acceptable. Now in order to protect their money, big time pastors of these mega churches have adopted that same belief system. And you know if the leader of the church buys into it, it won’t be long before it has trinkle down effect on the rest of the congregation. You even have some churches that have stopped using Jesus name in the fear of offending some idiot group of none believers. Try this on for size: