Acting a color or race?

Can someone please give me a clear definition of what acting black, white, or Mexican really is? I mean know one ever tells individuals that they are acting Chinese or acting Jewish. I feel that when you tell people that they are acting a certain color or race that you are doing nothing more than putting another stereotype on people, we live in a world where things and humans are defined by labels and that’s wrong. I have been labeled all my life people would say things like for a guy in a wheelchair Larry sure is smart or he sure does speak well giving his physical situation that’s some crap. My accident did not affect my brain there fore it does not define who I am neither does color, nationality or race. When people say that someone is acting black are you trying to somehow say that all black people act ignorant or silly or that all black people are not able to speak well for some odd reason? That is a silly misconception programmed into the minds of people by mainstream all black people are not the same so stop judging with the same stuff. Somehow society believes that when a person acts white that means they are educated and intelligent wrong again, white people do and say some fucked up things also I am not a racist I am just saying that every culture has its flaws there is know right or wrong way to do things because every individual is not the same. I have caught a lot of heat in the past for agreeing with Don Lemons assessment of the black community but I don’t back down from it because I truly feel that the best way for a person to improve themselves is through education and awareness along with self pride.