Top 25 WWE Greatest Mega Stars(all time)

I use to be the biggest professional Wrestling fan ever. Mostly during the ’80s and 90’s. but as I got older I’ve became less interested in the action inside the ring and I’ve became more interested on the business side of things. I wanted to know just what kept these multi million dollar machine going strong and I am still trying to figure it out. I have not watched any professional wrestling as a true fan since my early 20s but the business is still booming. People may not realize this but professional wrestling is the original reality show. The athletes that risk it all on the ring are what keep people tuning in for more every week. This is a part main stream and pop culture so her is my list of the Top 25 WWE money makers of all time.

1. The Undertaker
2. Stone Cold Steve Austin
3. The Rock
4. Shawn Micheals
5. Bret ‘The Hit Man’Hart
6. Triple H
7. Hulk Hogan
8. Ric Flair
9. Mick Foley
10. Edge
11. Trish Stratus
12. John Cena
13. Randy Orton
14. Randy’Macho Man’ Savage
15. Jake’The Snake’ Roberts
16. Mr. Perfect
17. The Million Dollar Man
18. Dusty Rhodes
19. Kane
20. The Big Show
21. Chris Jericho
22. Diesel(Kevin Nash)
23. Razor Ramon(Scott Hall)
24. Andre the Giant
25. Chyna

Vince McMahon is a marketing mastermind that is the only way to describe him.