Controversy Creates Cash

In the world of entertainment and sports they must keep things very interesting because if they don’t they will lose just about all of there audience and then people in the media and those who like to blog about stuff such as myself wouldn’t have anything to talk about or write about. There are two kind of controversy, bad controversy and good controversy and if marketed correctly both can make a lot of money. But all of this depends on what type of agent and PR person a celebrity has in most cases in the world of entertainment ignorance sells for some reason people sitting at home love to sit and watch individuals on the television act a complete fool in the world of sports athletes get paid based on ten percent talent and 90 percent expectations. That is why when athletes like Aaron Hernandez, Kobe Bryant, Ray Lewis and Tiger Woods do something foolish it becomes front page news because no one expected that these squeaky clean images would do something so out rages but some how these guys always land on there feet no matter the circumstances. After an athlete or any celebrity reaches a certain level they must start thinking about there brand not just the particular field in which they make there money MJ is a brand, Lebron is a brand, jay Z is a brand and although tarnished Kobe and Tiger are both still considered a brand. These guys make so much money that there kids great grand kids will be able to live very well, but only if its marketed and protected just right. These people are human I don’t expect them to be picture perfect because humans screw up but what they must be is very careful to watch who is looking and listening when they do screw up. Every mic is hot mic just look at Paula Deen.