The N Word Pt. 2

I hate to say it but both Bill O’reily from Fox News and Don Lemon from CNN are 100% correct the African American community is slowly decaying because of the lack of a real father figure and structure in the home there is no other way around it, but to tell it how it really is. Once upon a time someone told me that if you take a pile of crap and cover it with sugar it’s still a pile of crap with sugar on it, when jay-z and other individuals for pop culture say that the word nigger no longer has power they are making a fool of them selves and the millions of fans that take everything that they say as gospel truth. This goes back to the Willie lynch papers and the new Jim Crowe law. When people say things like the N-word doesn’t mean what it used to, they are playing right into the hands of the racist people that want us as black people to self destruct. The word is not cool I don’t care If you spin it counter clockwise it won’t never be okay to say it I don’t care if your black Caucasian or hispanic it is not right. Mr. Don Lemon I stand up and applaud the way you are handling this whole situation and Mr. Bill O’reily people may be surprised to hear this coming from a black man but I agree with you more often than people realize and this time you are right about the black house hold. Mr. Lemon gave a pretty nice check list on Sunday July 28th 2013 6pm news edition on CNN, this list I feel should help us African Americans at least try to do better. I am not trying to tear anyone down I am just so sick and tired if seeing my people destroy each other and then we look to people like Beyonce, Jay Z, 2chainz and Future. These individuals ate getting paid a lot of money to lie to a lot of young people and we keep falling for the same okie doke, lets keep main stream and pop culture out of how to raise a family.