The land of the free and the home of the brave America, the greatest nation in the whole world. This is the place where you come when you want your dreams to be recognized and made into reality unless of course you have a physical disability. Please don’t mis understand what I am saying I love my country’s just wish my country had love for people in my condition, instead of treating us like some kind of after thought. I have a level C1, C2 spinal cord injury which means my spine was snapped at the base of my skull my injuries are nothing psychological or mental just physical. People make the mistake of labeling all disabilities the same, this is a mistake because all disabilities are not the same it would be just like me saying that every black man is a criminal or every white person is racist, these are not true statements neither is the mis conception that every person with a disability is the same. This country has made a lot of advancements towards greatness, I mean damn we elected a black president for two terms some people thought that was impossible, so why can’t we treat everyone in this place as equals, I am speaking to people who are not living with a physical challenge the so called normal people of the world. Never judge a book by its cover, I am not asking for a hand out I am just asking for the opportunity to Improve myself and hopefully completely destroy all of the stereo types about people with disabilities. I’m cripple not crazy. It is sad to say but it has to be said the only time the world actually cared about physically disabled was when it happend to Mr. Christopher Reeve and when he died everyone stopped paying attention, this man made some awesome contributions to people like myself, so tell me who dropped the ball.