Third World Country

Is America becoming a Third World Country? I don’t know but it sure looks like it because slowly but surely it seems like the middle class is fading away , I am not a middle class citizen in fact I’m quite poor but that is the whole concept of a Third World Country,The very rich and the very poor. This may sounds crazy to most but this is the formation of the One World government. Take away the democracy and turn it into a dictatorship, one nation but not under God. We are looking more like the United States of poverty were hopes, dreams and ideas mean nothing. The best way to fight this is education and when young people go off to college they need to stop going for degrees that mean nothing do better research and find out how you can effectively make some serious cash. If your not planning on doing shit with your life then stay your non productive ass at home and stop wasting your parents money on a degree that will get you know where. We can not stop the direction the world is headed towards but we can do something to make ourselves relevant when this stuff starts to take place.


Fear Our Freedom

Should I live in fear or freedom? In the early 90s we had the problem with David Koresh and Waco Texas, fast forward a little bit and there was a problem with the Oklahoma City bombing a little while after that it was the Heavens Gate cult and then on 4/20/99 it was Columbine High School I remember it well because that was the year that I graduated from high school myself. Two years after that it was the biggest tragedy in America history 911 how could we forget I mean I still remember what I was doing when it all went down fast forward 11years later when you have the Aurora Colorado movie theater massacre and December the same year we have a shooting at a Portland Oregon mall and a massacre in an elementary school in Newton Connecticut in the same week, and lets not forget the Boston Marathon Bombing and things like the Virginia Tech shooting these things have rocked our Country like nothing else before and t the time these types of events strike fear into our hearts and put us on the highest level of least for a little while but then we go back to our relaxed arrogant ways of thinking that we are some how invincible until tragedy strikes again. We must never ever forget the people who lost their lives because some evil individual wants to play God, remember back in the sixties it was Charles Manson in the seventies it was Jim Jones and even though that tragic situation did not take place on Americas soil it killed nearly 1,000 Americans. In the late eighties and early nineties it was people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy and if we can take it back to the eighties who could ever forget the tragic story about Adam Walsh John Walsh’s son. I was only five years old when that happen. There are far to many indescribable tragic stories going on in this country are we becoming a Third World Country or what? Because this kinda stuff use to only make the news every once in a while but now it feels like its a everyday thing almost like it’s the norm is it the norm? Is this signs of the time I’m awfully afraid that it just might be. When a man like Marcus Wesson can kill nine of his fourteen children and feel nothing about it we are in big trouble. The Bible says that we should etch an pray and that we should also be as gentle as sheep and wise as serpents we need to take this very serious. Our country is over consumed with how to keep terrorist from attacking us from the outside in but in my very personal opinion they need to watch the inside out I mean just look at the Boston marathon bombing those guys have already been here for over ten years and you can’t really believe that they are the only ones. Our president I feel should really brush up on his bible reading or have someone to do it for him because what’s going on in the Middle East with Israel is very real and it will dictate when the end of the world is about to take place, people need to understand the war between Isaac and Ishmael will dictate the end times when people start to put boundaries and restrictions on Israel on the Jewish nation on gods chosen people the ones he made the covenant with, when you start to mess with them then you know time is up for the world as we know it. For the record my loyalty lies with gods chosen people.