21st Century

This world is not as segregated as it once was, this is a message that goes out to black people, Caucasian people, Latino people, all people. Just look around a pay attention observe your surroundings and you can see the transformation taking place before your very eyes. Personally I feel that this change is for the best. Most people have a hard time accepting the inevitable but know matter how you feel this change is going to happen, and its going to happen sooner than you think. Just look at our government it’s self the first Black President, know one thought that will ever happen and now he is serving his second term. Many people may not realize this but the night that he won the first election it changed the entire landscape of how people especially children looked at there own future cause now there are know limitations. The only limitations is yourself. This is why I still don’t understand why people still use the statement about self hatred yes self hatred does still exist. But it does not apply to every situation. People in a black community still want to use self hatred to describe something as simple as interracial relationships, I believe that self hatred is far deeper than who someone chooses to date. To me self hatred is displayed when that individual goes out of there way to detach themselves from the own ethnicity not when they choose to date someone from another race because that is a preference thing. Who a person chooses to be with is none of my damn business and that’s how I treat it. I have vivid issues to deal with as a cripple black man than what the next person is doing, but this is another discussion for another time, but trust me we will get back to it. The world is changing just look at golf over twenty years ago this was considered a white mans game until Tiger Woods came along and rewrote the whole book. Now you have young inner city children learning how to play golf, Because of the William sisters young black kids are taken up tennis. And if you look at the music industry just follow the career of Darius Rutger. I am very happy to see that all children and that all people are willing to embrace each other ethnic background in 1921 the government passed the law that they would not acknowledge interracial marriages this is how the separation of church and state came into play that was 1921 this is 2013 and we still have people that think this way. Those people need to get with it or get lost because its time out for that half ass way of thinking because if I ever have children I’m going to raise them to fear know one and fear nothing but God. This is the same way that m parents raised me and I just believe that it is to much going on in the world to worry about small things. The one thing that my disability has done for me is give me a better view of the world from a whole another perspective, and I hope that you start to think outside of the box and never ever fear the unknown. Just look at the flip side of this the rap industry was invaded by a white guy name Vanilla Ice and he is still today the highest selling rap artist with a debut single. Fast forward and another white guy named Eminem ruffled a lot of feathers all the way up to the government, because they couldn’t believe that an white American had such awful views on this wonderful Country of ours. He absolutely blew everyone’s mind and I love it because rap music was ever viewed as a problem in the inner city but when it reached Boston Mass. It was an outrage . When gun violence rang out in inner city schools our government turned and looked the other way but when it happened in Columbine it became a national problem. Lets stand together to make sure that our young people understand that they have know limitations. For the past 2 1/2 almost 3 weeks our news have been flooded with the story of the gay basketball player named Jason Collins and it seems that everyone on every network has been celebrating the fact that this man has came out of the closet WHY? I mean we have a professional NFL player by the name of Tim Tebo who is a well known Christian and the media destroys him every opportunity that they get, but then we have a homosexual NBA star Jason Collins and a lesbian WNBA player named Brittany Griner and the whole world want to declare a national Holiday WTF is going on with the nonsense. Why the hell should I care who these to people choose to be within there own personal lives I mean know one is going around celebrating the heterosexual since when did gay and lesbians issues become such a big damn del in this country and then we have a Preident and First Lady who are ignoring the important issues that are going on in there on backyard to support this stuff. It seems to me that it seems to be the man we elected for a second term is more concerned with mainstream and pop culture popularity that he is with the bigger issues. Oh by the way the Jason Collins story that everyone seems to be celebrating has a flip side to it because this man had a fiancé and he strung this girl along for eight years so while everyone wants to celebrate his life he messed up someone else’s think about that for a while . It is unfortunate that we live in a world where right Is wrong and wrong is right. Tim tebow vs. Jason Collins which side are you on?